Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Sekirei Season 3

A few years back, Manga produced a t.v series called Sekirei. Sekirei is about an alien race of these beings called Sekireis, and they have to fight each other to the death; however, there is a twist, once the Sekirei finds and kisses there Oshikabi; which is technically their future husband, they have no choice, but to participate in the game of fighting to the death, and the Sekirei that wins gets to live forever with their Oshikabi. It is a little bit cheesy, but it's a really exciting story.

Manga made two seasons of this, the first called Sekirei, and the second season is called Sekirei: Pure Engagement. The story has so much potential, and as the story thickens, they stopped producing. Everybody interested in Sekirei, wants it back, the story is far from finished. Even after the ending of Pure Engagement, it says to be continued; however, it has been almost 3 years now since that season.

Manga, what are you doing? You can't end Sekirei there. Everybody loves Sekirei. Have you been drinking too much Sake?

I think someone needs to conclude Sekirei Season 2. It cannot end there.


Have you ever wondered how Manga is so popular? I'm doubting you have, but if you've stumbled upon this post, you must be at least slightly interested in Manga to some extent. I personally love Manga, sometimes without it, my day would be bleak.

The characters are all so bubbly and cute, and people even say, in Japan, that the women in Manga comic books are so cute, or beautiful, that people don't even see the beauty in real people anymore, thankfully I don't have that problem; however, I don't know whether that is a curse or a blessing.

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